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January 2017 is nearly here!


And that means it is nearly time for the 2017 January Challenge

All this involves is shooting as many “Portsmouth” rounds as you like during the month of January, and sending in your best score. You can even enter separate scores in each bow style.
There are 24 categories available:-

  • Ladies or Gentlemen
  • Barebow, Compound, Longbow or Recurve
  • Beginner (started archery after 31/1/16), Experienced, or “Very Experienced” (started Archery before 1992)

The challenge is open to everyone. Juniors are welcomed, but will be placed alongside adults; if they include their age when submitting their score, that will be shown on the results.

For the winners in each category there will be a small trophy.

So after the last Portsmouth round of January just email your best score with your name, bow style (and age if a junior) to who will send them all in on behalf of Cleadon Archers


Boost – Update

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Hi all ,

Please be aware that the Boost session which was planned for the 4th December will now take place on the 18th December , this is the first of six sessions , further sessions will follow in the New Year , dates to be confirmed.

There is a sheet on our notice board at the BCA to signup , so if you would like some help to move your Archery along , please feel free to add your name to the list.

So remember , not the 4th December , the first session has moved to the 18th December 2pm to 4:30pm.

I would also like to point out , the normal Sunday session is not affected , so if you were planning on shooting the PM session on Sunday 18th you are fine.


Postal – Followup

Hi Cleadon Archers…..

Hopefully everyone enjoyed last nights postal match , a great turn out and we managed to cover all of the bow style / league requirements.

The teams from last night are now on the new postal league pages , you can find them at under the members menu item , then postal leagues , then pick one of the seven options.

As these are in the members area , when you click on the league page you may be asked to login , if you don’t have a login then you can also register right there , easy !

The registration does need to be approved , but it will be done as quickly as possible.

As Information starts to come through about our opponent’s scores they will be added to the page , please pop back from time to time to see how we are doing.

You will also find the fixtures for each league right there , you can see who we are up against next then pop over to the calendar and see when we  are planning on shooting that match.

Spoiler alert : we are shooting all of the matches together again in December  ( + the juniors this time ) on Friday 16th December so please mark it as a date to remember in your diary and come along !

Remember the Teams are built from the best scores on the day , so if you didn’t quite make it this month there is  a new opportunity each month.

That”s all for now, Hopefully everyone finds the new pages useful.


Postal Matches this Friday

Hi Everyone ( Cleadon Archers , that is )

We are shooting all of our BA & DNAA Postal Matches this week on Friday 25/11 ( excluding the Junior ones which were shot last Friday )

As we are shooting all bow styles on the same night we need a really good turn out to fill all the teams , should be a good shoot !

For anyone who may not have come across the matches before , it is just a normal Portsmouth round ( 5 dozen at 20 yards on a 60cm face ) come along as normal , shoot your preferred bow style and see if you can get onto the team for this month. This is shot every month and goes into an overall league with other clubs which runs throughout the indoor.

Juniors , this is still a shooting night for you , so don’t be put off by this.


Indoor Bosses and Indoor Open


As of Sunday the damaged areas of the indoor bosses have been repaired by the club so we are ready for the rest of the indoor season . Hope to see you all at the club soon !

Also ,

As you know we are going ahead with the indoor open , entries are starting to come in so please don’t leave it too long to get your entry  in.

Oh and one more thing , I am also looking to appeal to your generous nature , as usual we are running a raffle on the day so if you would like to contribute a prize someone from the committee will be more than happy to take that off you , with the clubs thanks !



Boost course

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Well it’s that time of year again. The Boost sessions will be starting again, of course dependant on our indoor facility availability. The course is to help all archers improve and includes bow tuning, slow motion video capture to review your technique. Basically try to help you understand your equipment better and hopefully improve your shooting. If your interested there will be a poster on our BCA notice board to put your details on or just Alan (Dug) Dunnighan know. The 1st of the 6 sessions is provisionally set for thr 4th December 2 till 4:30 pm

Club Shirts

An order for club shirts is just about ready to go.

So if your interested in purchasing a club shirt please contact Alan (Dug) Dunnighan he will be around at most club sessions.
They cost £25 each (tbc)

The Castles League 2016-17



Since the Winter Season of 2007-2008 the DNAA Tony George, has run an Indoor Archery League, previously known as ‘The Logical League’ essentially aimed at encouraging novice, improver or recreational archers to engage in Tournament Shooting. The popularity of the League was such that many experienced archers also became supporters.

The League will be running again this season commencing 1st October. It will now be known as ‘The Castles League’ having been expanded to nine divisions to facilitate movement between the divisions.

Whilst the League covers archers of all abilities the nature of the composition is such that you will be shooting alongside archers of a similar ability so there is no need to feel you will be out of your depth.

The rules and further information can be found on the DNAA website and will also be on our indoor notice board.