Club shirts

Hello everyone!

Please see below the image of the new Cleadon Archers top.


If you would like to order one of these please contact Alan Dunnighan by email at or in person at the field or at the indoor range, you will need to provide the following information: name, size and male or female style of top.

Size charts are also available below, we would advise that you pick the next size up to what the chart says as the fit is a little on the small size.

Ladies size charts
Men’s size charts
Men’s polo size chart
Women’s polo size chart

These tops can only be ordered in a minimum of 10’s so you may have a little wait until we have the correct amount to place orders.

Pricing has been confirmed at £25. This is because of VAT, delivery and other reasons.

Please do not be put off by the price, they are very good quality shirts that don’t shrink, keep you cooler and they will last you a long time. They also have a very lovely design. There is a sample shirt for material reasons only, it is not the correct design, if anyone would like to take a look at it please let Kate or Dug know and they will make sure to bring it with them.

Payment will need to be made before the orders are placed so if you order one please be prompt with your payments.

Also please note that once you have purchased a top and the fit is not as you expected there are no returns or refunds available. This is because the design is specially produced for us. Your only option will be to swap with another member and order another top.

If you need any more information please ask Alan or Kate Dunnighan.

Compound Champs

A nice day at the Field for the Compound Champs!

1st Steven James
2nd Simon Proctor
3rd Alan Dunnighan

1st Viv Davies
2nd Kate Dunnighan

Well done everyone!

Indoor working party

Hello all,

We are looking to get a working party to help fix up the indoor shooting wall on Friday 22nd of August.

If you are available to assist please meet at the community centre at 6pm and if you have any tools please bring them along.