Cleadon Open and WA1440

Hello everyone

The Cleadon Open and Stan Patterson Memorial is coming up on the 13th and 14th of May. The round on Saturday 13th is a WA900 and the round on Sunday 14th is a York/Hereford. There are still places left so get your entries in. There is camping and there will be refreshments all day. See the link below for Eventbrite entries, we also have postal entries that can be found on the entry form page.


We are also hosting a WRS Double 1440 on the 27th and 28th of May. There are still plenty of spaces left so get  your entry in. See the link below for Eventbrite, or the entry form page for postal entries.

Presentation Evening

This is being organised for us by Vivien Davies who has asked me to remind everyone that we need to start at 7.00pm prompt; plus, to make sure that everyone brings their tickets with them as there will be a prize draw. There will also be a Quiz and a raffle, but if anyone wishes to contribute to the raffle, any donations would be welcome.

The last day for buying tickets is Sunday 19th March as Viv needs to give the caterers numbers.


2017 January Challenge Results

The results of the 2017 January Challenge are in at last and can be found here.

A few words from the organiser.

“I would like to thank everyone for taking part, once again. In particular, those who appear in the second half of the tables. You knew you were not going to win, but you let your score stand and be counted. You are as important a part of our archery community as anyone.
I was browsing through the records, and found that, in 2004, there were only 285 entries – this has come a long way to today’s 2,237. A couple of entrants appear in both the 2004 and 2017 lists – thanks for staying with us.
And now I shall take a small rest, or at very least a cup of tea. See you all next year!

Thanks Nick Beeson and Archery GB

To All Cleadon Archers Members.

Tonight, Friday 6th January, is our first indoor shooting session of the year. A Happy New Year and good shooting to you all during 2017.

At the committee meeting earlier this past evening, I was instructed to remind you all that to be able to shoot, you must arrive with two pairs of footwear; the pair you are wearing and a pair of smooth soled, none heeled indoor shoes or slippers. No one will be permitted into the bowling area/well without this suitable footwear. (By GNAS/ArcheryGB rules, footwear must be worn when shooting, so shooting in stockinged feet or bare feet is not allowed.)

Usual time: 7 pm to start rolling out the carpets for a 7.15 pm start. I am to remind you all that security cameras are now in place in the hall. Roll out the carpets, don’t throw them out; don’t drag the carpets across the new bowls carpet and when putting them away after shooting don’t bounce them on the bowls carpet to straighten them up; you will be observed. At all times, do be aware of the need not to cause damage or undue wear of the new bowls carpet, or seen to be doing so.

Best regards,

Brian Trotter,  Temp. Club Sec.

Boxing Day shoot

Boxing Day Shoot

Set to start meeting at 11am

For people who don’t know what we do.
We meet at the Cricket Club and if you want to join in you need to bring a present (anything at all), wrapped up with your name on it.
When we start you pick a ballon and blow it up, you also put your name on a piece of paper and pin them both up on the target (targets at about 10 yards)
Then everyone gets a chance to shoot with the jelly bows at the target to pop a balloon.
Whichever balloon you pop is the present you get, look at the name under the balloon and collect your present from inside.
The rest of the day, however long you wish to stay, is used to have a bit of a drink and a chat. Some stay all day and some leave after the shoot, choice is yours obviously
Christmas jumpers and snacks are welcome
It’s a good day and a great bit of fun 🙂

Urgent postal change !

Hi everyone

Postal change
This Fridays postal has been moved to Sunday PM session

Shooting times end of year 2016
This Friday and next Friday the BCA is CLOSED
The only days avalible for shooting at the BCA this year are
This Sunday and next Wednesday


Happy Christmas to all ☃️