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Big Weekend update

After worrying about today and if anyone was going to turn up I think it has been a very good day.

We had about 40 people come and try archery and everyone seemed to have a really good time.

We had a busier morning than afternoon but we could spend some time with each group and give them more that just here is a bow now lets shoot.

I would like to thank everyone who came down and assisted.

Especially thanks to Alan Hudson​ and Paul Seccombe for helping with the coaching.

Tracy and Adrian who sorted out all of the consent forms and flyers for club info.

Ken Stonley who assisted in the morning getting people ready for the sessions.

Dillon, Gavin and Hannah for assisting with targets and set up and take down.

And everyone else who assisted in any way.

We had the best weather we could have hoped for and all in all it was a good day all round.

Saturday 30th May Big Weekend

This Saturday the club will be hosting the Archery GB big weekend have a go session.

This will be between 10am and 4pm so if anyone is free to come down and lend a hand it would be appreciated.

This has been advertised in local schools and I have had some interest from Scout Groups.

If any of your friends want to come along and have a try this is a good opportunity for them to do so.

I intend to use the left hand side of the field for the have a go session so please be aware of this if you are headed to the field.