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Calendar changes

Due to multiple requests and the calendar not being completely official, more things have changed.

Please do look for yourself but here is a list of the changes.

Friday 8th January – Stafford (practice for the Viking, sorry to people who wanted a practice for the Vegas)

Friday 15th January – FITA 18 (practice for Durham’s FITA 18)

Sunday 24th January – Recurve postal

Sunday 31st January – Vegas (for something different)

Friday 12th February – Recurve champs and recurve postal

Sunday 14th February – FITA 25 (for something different)

Wednesday 17th Febuary – Beginners talk + Portsmouth

Saturday 19th March – PRESENTATION EVENING

(this is now the official calendar)

The outdoor calendar will be published soon.

More things have changed!

Hello All,

We now have a Vegas scheduled in on Friday the 8th of January for practice for Ponteland’s Vegas on the 10th of January, because of the asked for Vegas the Junior postal has moved to Friday the 29th of January, the same day as the compound postal.

Thank you!


Hello Everyone

There is a pile of old bricks and stuff ‘dumped’ in our car park, don’t worry about it.

We have very kindly been given it and we are going to use it to hopefully level out the car park, which will hopefully improve it and make it safer, for us and our cars! (we are also using the old stuff located at the very top of the other car park)

It will be moved shortly, we would also really appreciate a few more hands when we start to break it up and spread it around, it will make the job quicker.

Let us know if you’re able to help!

Things have changed

There has been only 1 change to the calendar and that will only apply to juniors, I have moved the junior postal to the 18th of December, the same date as the compound postal, due to some juniors unable to make the previous date.

I have also updated the club records for this month and they will also be put up on the indoor notice board on this coming Wednesday (2/10/15). The same goes for the handicaps, they are updated and will be put on the notice board.

I have also uploaded a file in another post with the handicap adjustment award winners on. This months winner is Paul Cutting with an adjustment of 7. Well done!

New tuning session

From the 8th of November a tuning session will now be available every Sunday from 12pm-2pm, this takes place between the AM and PM session.

Please note that the scheduled sessions, as always, will take priority over any tuning.

My advice is to shoot the morning session if you wish to put a score in, if you do any tuning or shooting before the PM session and then score a round it will not be recorded.


Also, to save another post, there is an update on the calendar page.