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Updated entry forms for Open and WA900

There was an error on the Cleadon Open and WA 900 entry forms, no space provided for contact information and your AGB Number. This form has now been updated, we will try to contact anyone who has already sent in a form for this information or on the day that you will be shooting at registration. Apologies for any inconvenience.

2017 January Challenge Results

The results of the 2017 January Challenge are in at last and can be found here.

A few words from the organiser.

“I would like to thank everyone for taking part, once again. In particular, those who appear in the second half of the tables. You knew you were not going to win, but you let your score stand and be counted. You are as important a part of our archery community as anyone.
I was browsing through the records, and found that, in 2004, there were only 285 entries – this has come a long way to today’s 2,237. A couple of entrants appear in both the 2004 and 2017 lists – thanks for staying with us.
And now I shall take a small rest, or at very least a cup of tea. See you all next year!

Thanks Nick Beeson and Archery GB

January 2017 is nearly here!


And that means it is nearly time for the 2017 January Challenge

All this involves is shooting as many “Portsmouth” rounds as you like during the month of January, and sending in your best score. You can even enter separate scores in each bow style.
There are 24 categories available:-

  • Ladies or Gentlemen
  • Barebow, Compound, Longbow or Recurve
  • Beginner (started archery after 31/1/16), Experienced, or “Very Experienced” (started Archery before 1992)

The challenge is open to everyone. Juniors are welcomed, but will be placed alongside adults; if they include their age when submitting their score, that will be shown on the results.

For the winners in each category there will be a small trophy.

So after the last Portsmouth round of January just email your best score with your name, bow style (and age if a junior) to who will send them all in on behalf of Cleadon Archers


Boost course

Intro Archery Logo
Well it’s that time of year again. The Boost sessions will be starting again, of course dependant on our indoor facility availability. The course is to help all archers improve and includes bow tuning, slow motion video capture to review your technique. Basically try to help you understand your equipment better and hopefully improve your shooting. If your interested there will be a poster on our BCA notice board to put your details on or just Alan (Dug) Dunnighan know. The 1st of the 6 sessions is provisionally set for thr 4th December 2 till 4:30 pm

Club Shirts

An order for club shirts is just about ready to go.

So if your interested in purchasing a club shirt please contact Alan (Dug) Dunnighan he will be around at most club sessions.
They cost £25 each (tbc)

The Castles League 2016-17



Since the Winter Season of 2007-2008 the DNAA Tony George, has run an Indoor Archery League, previously known as ‘The Logical League’ essentially aimed at encouraging novice, improver or recreational archers to engage in Tournament Shooting. The popularity of the League was such that many experienced archers also became supporters.

The League will be running again this season commencing 1st October. It will now be known as ‘The Castles League’ having been expanded to nine divisions to facilitate movement between the divisions.

Whilst the League covers archers of all abilities the nature of the composition is such that you will be shooting alongside archers of a similar ability so there is no need to feel you will be out of your depth.

The rules and further information can be found on the DNAA website and will also be on our indoor notice board.