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Everything Postals

The longbow postal took place on Friday, well done and thank you for everyone who came and shot you all did great and there was a lovely big turn out, which we always love to see. I will post the results of who made the team as soon as possible.

COMPOUND POSTAL: The compound postal will now take place on Sunday (16/03/14) could all compounders please try their best to come and shoot, we need at least 3 for a team!

RECURVE POSTAL: The Recurve postal is still due to take place on Sunday (16/03/14) as well as the compound postal, could all Recurvers please also try their best to come and shoot, we need at least 5 for the team!

Thank you ūüôā

The Viking

Firstly I’d just like to say well done to everyone who shot for the Viking trophy, there was a great turn out for all the legs and you’ve all¬†done brilliantly.

The first leg was won by Dave Brunt.

The second leg was won by Paul Taggart.

The final leg was won by Chris Pearce.

The over all winner of the Viking trophy was Brian Trotter, very well done!

Please find the full results below.

Viking 2014

Club Champs

I believe you will all already know who won what but the results will be posted later, when they have been checked and are correct!

This is just a thank you to everyone who came and shot, it was lovely to see so many people there and nice to see you all shooting your socks off as usual!

Brilliant shooting, keep it up!

Club Champs Notice!

You have probably heard this already but if you are taking part in any of the club champs that fall on a Sunday your score will only be counted if you shoot in the afternoon session, all scores shot in the morning will not be counted for the champs.

Also, for newer members, if you are taking part in the champs on the afternoon you can not shoot in the morning, if you do, your afternoon score will not be counted.

Hope to see you there!

Longbow Postal

The postal was shot today, the 19th, and like every time, there was a lovely turn out.

The team was Chris Evans, Rob McQuillin, Ken Turner and Bill Lee!

Well done to everyone who came and shot, you all shot really well!

Keep it up!

Recurve Postal

The recurve postal was shot on Friday and there was a very good turn out again!

Well done to everyone who turned up and shot, you all did brilliant!

The team was:

Mike Foster, Alan Dunnighan, Jed Parker, Rob McQuilan and Alan Hudson

Keep it up!

Second leg of the Viking Trophy

There was another good turn out for the Viking shoot, the round was a Stafford and everyone did brilliant

their scores where very close and all very high!

Even with all the good scores there still has to be one winner, and the winner of the second leg was Paul!

Well done everyone, it was lovely having so many of you there!

Keep it up!

Longbow, recurve and compound postal

Friday was the last postal for longbow, recurve and compound of 2013!

As usual, everyone did brilliant!

The teams are as follows:

Recurve: Jed Parker, Chris Pearce, Harry Otun, Alan Hudson and Paul Secombe!

Compound: Steven James, Zoe Coggins and Ken Hutton!

Longbow: Chris Evans, Dennis Burns, Ken Turner and Brian Trotter!

Well done everyone who made the effort to come and shoot, keep it up!

The Cleadon Open

Thank you once again to everyone who made the effort to come and shoot today, it was a very good turn out with almost both sessions being completely full.

Well done to everyone who took home a trophy or medal, got a personal best or was just pleased with the score and the way they shot today, you all did brilliant!

Click the link below for the results and awards:

Cleadon Indoor Open 2013 Results and Awards

Durham FITA 18

It was Durhams FITA 18 on Sunday and we managed to take home plenty of medals and trophies again.

Zoe Coggins took 1st lady compound, Alex Coggins took 1st lady barebow, Jed Parker got the 2nd for the gents recurve, Ken Turner got 2nd gent longbow, Chris Pearce took 1st gents barebow, Caitlin Bailey took home the FITA cadet and Kate Dunnighan took the FITA junior.

Well done to everyone who came and supported the club, everyone did brilliant and it’s lovely to see so many faces at every tournament.

Keep it up!