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Recurve and Compound postals

Thank you to everyone who came and shot the June postals.

The Recurve team was Jed Parker, Mike Foster and Kate Dunnighan.

The Compound team was Steven James and Ken Hutton.

Well done everyone!

See you all at the July postal!

Longbow Postal

Thank you to everyone who came and shot the longbow postal for May!

Apologies that it hasn’t been mentioned earlier.

The Team was Chris Evans and Rob McQuillen

Well done, hope you see you at the June postal!

Recurve and Compound Postal

Well done and thank you to everyone who came and shot for the postal!

The Recurve team was Rob McQuillen, Shaun Gallagher and Kate Dunnighan!

The compound team was Steven James and Ken Hutton!

We hope to see even more of you at the next postal!

Keep up the good work 🙂

Green Lane Worcester!

We had a very good turn out at the Worcester at Green Lane and everyone put in some very good scores!

We had Zoe Coggins take the 2nd lady compound, Alex Coggins and Chris Pearce took the 1st barebow for the ladies and the gents, Mike Foster came 3rd in the gents Recurve and Ken Hutton took the 1st for the gents compound with a fantastic score of 300!

Well done everyone who came and shot.

Keep it up!

The Novice

Just a quick but very well deserved well done to all out novices that when and shot at the novices that was help by whitburn!

We may have only had the 4 people, but they all did brilliant and they definitely done the club proud!

We had Adrian Burlinson take the gent longbow champion and young Dillon Crow took the under 14 junior boy champion.

Dave Crow and Will Rudd came very very close to taking home a medal with some brilliant scores as well!

Well done all, keep it up!

Everything Postals

The longbow postal took place on Friday, well done and thank you for everyone who came and shot you all did great and there was a lovely big turn out, which we always love to see. I will post the results of who made the team as soon as possible.

COMPOUND POSTAL: The compound postal will now take place on Sunday (16/03/14) could all compounders please try their best to come and shoot, we need at least 3 for a team!

RECURVE POSTAL: The Recurve postal is still due to take place on Sunday (16/03/14) as well as the compound postal, could all Recurvers please also try their best to come and shoot, we need at least 5 for the team!

Thank you 🙂

The Viking

Firstly I’d just like to say well done to everyone who shot for the Viking trophy, there was a great turn out for all the legs and you’ve all done brilliantly.

The first leg was won by Dave Brunt.

The second leg was won by Paul Taggart.

The final leg was won by Chris Pearce.

The over all winner of the Viking trophy was Brian Trotter, very well done!

Please find the full results below.

Viking 2014