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Club Champs Notice!

You have probably heard this already but if you are taking part in any of the club champs that fall on a Sunday your score will only be counted if you shoot in the afternoon session, all scores shot in the morning will not be counted for the champs.

Also, for newer members, if you are taking part in the champs on the afternoon you can not shoot in the morning, if you do, your afternoon score will not be counted.

Hope to see you there!

Calender change!

This Friday has changed from a FITA 25 to a Portsmouth round, due to Whitburns FITA 25 being cancelled.

The compound postal match will take place this Friday so could all compounds please come if they can!

Thank you 🙂

Boxing Day Shoot

For anyone coming down to the boxing day shoot this is just a reminder that if you wanted to take part and shoot for a prize you must bring a prize yourself, for someone else to win. The prize doesn’t have to be expensive, just a little something for someone to win but make sure you wrap it up!

To make it clear, its not a round, we shoot with jelly bows at balloons for a prize, it is fun, believe me!

The shoot is at the cricket club, the club opens at 11am so if you could try and get there for 11am to 11:15am, half 11 at the very latest so we can start!