Boxing Day shoot

Boxing Day Shoot

Set to start meeting at 11am

For people who don’t know what we do.
We meet at the Cricket Club and if you want to join in you need to bring a present (anything at all), wrapped up with your name on it.
When we start you pick a ballon and blow it up, you also put your name on a piece of paper and pin them both up on the target (targets at about 10 yards)
Then everyone gets a chance to shoot with the jelly bows at the target to pop a balloon.
Whichever balloon you pop is the present you get, look at the name under the balloon and collect your present from inside.
The rest of the day, however long you wish to stay, is used to have a bit of a drink and a chat. Some stay all day and some leave after the shoot, choice is yours obviously
Christmas jumpers and snacks are welcome
It’s a good day and a great bit of fun 🙂