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WA Weekend



Cleadon Open & Stan Patterson Memorial

WA Weekend

Cleadon Open and Stan Patterson Memorial



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2016 FITA25 Results and Awards

May 28th 2016 DOUBLE WA1440 – WRS WA1440-Saturday
WA1440-SaturdaySunday-CombinedWA 1440 Full Results
May 8th 2016 CLEADON OPEN Cleadon Open
May 7th 2016 FITA 900 FITA 900
April 24th 2016 1ST LEG – LIA SECCOMBE TROPHY Lia Seccombe Trophy 1st Leg
April 15th 2016 FIELD CAPTAIN’S SHOOT 1st Place, Alan Hudson
2nd Place, Alan Dunnighan
March 18th 2016 LONGBOW CLUB CHAMPS Longbow Club Champs
March 4th 2016 BAREBOW CLUB CHAMPS Barebow Club Champs
February 26th 2016 COMPOUND CLUB CHAMPS Compound Club Champs
February 12th 2016 RECURVE CLUB CHAMPS Recurve Club Champs
February 7th 2016 3RD LEG – VIKING TROPHY Viking Final Leg
January 10th 2016 2ND LEG – VIKING TROPHY Viking 2nd Leg
December 13th 2015 CLEADON INDOOR OPEN Cleadon Indoor
November 29th 2015 NATIONAL BAREBOW INDOOR National Barebow Champs (link to Archery GB)
October 25th 2015 1ST LEG – VIKING TROPHY Viking 1st Leg
September 27th 2015 TYNE-TEES SHOOT Tyne-Tees