Beginners Courses

All our courses follow the guidelines as laid down by GNAS and our Club Coaches are qualified GNAS Coaches. However, from time to time Junior Assistant Coaches, trainee Level 1 Coaches and un-qualified experienced archers may be involved in coaching and teaching.

Beginner’s nights are held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 9:30pm and are open to anyone from the ages of 10 upwards. Our courses consist of 6 shooting lessons; the 7th lesson of each course is an optional advice evening on the use of suitable equipment for those wishing to continue in archery.

All the necessary safety and shooting equipment needed for the course is provided for you, though we do ask that you wear footwear with flat soles; the most important thing you need to bring along is yourself!

Unfortunately, we can only provide enough places for about 40 beginners during an indoor season so some will have to wait over a year for lessons. So, particularly for those enquiring between February and June, there is likely to be a bit of a long wait, although outdoor coaching may be a possibility. Please remember to let us know of any changes in contact details while you are on the list or you may miss out!

We will contact the people highest on the list two months before the course to offer them their place. Registration forms will be sent out and must be returned, with the payment of £60, before the deadline to take their place on the course. If you are paying by cheque, please make it payable to ‘Cleadon Archers’. If the form and payment are not returned by the deadline date, that place will be offered to the next person on the list.

On the important issue of Child Protection, both Archers and the Parents/Guardians of young archers are reminded that under no circumstances are under-18s allowed to shoot without supervision of at least two adults; a Parent/Legal Guardian and a GNAS archer who is willing to take responsibility for the safety of that child.

Any beginners who desperately wish to be coached over the summer can contact the club with regard to being trained on an ad-hoc basis. There are no organised courses over the Summer due to the uncertainty of the British weather.

The coaching of beginners through Cleadon Archers MUST be arranged through, and formally sanctioned by, the club’s committee for insurance purposes.

If you would like further or more specific information, please fill in the following form.