252 Progression Scheme

Well as we are now into the new outdoor season and we have the introduction to the field approaching on Sunday I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and successful outdoor season.

It is my intention to replace what was Warwick Wednesdays with the new 252 scheme. The details of this are attached here.

252 Scheme

Outdoor 2015

Howdy Folks,

Well its that time of year again, we are preparing to leave the comfort of shooting repeatedly at 20 yds and heading off to the vast distances that the field allows us to shoot.

That being said I guess you all may want to know what you can shoot and when throughout the outdoor season in the DNAA area.

Well head over to the calender page at take a look at the outdoor 2015 version.

Proposed improvements to field

You may have heard rumours that we are trying for grants to improve the field.


Above is an idea of what is proposed.

If you have any comments please refer them to Alan Dunninghan who is spearheading (or more appropriately Arrowheading) the grants and improvement proposals for the club.


Well its that time of year again.

Can I please ask all archers who picked up trophies last year to return them so that I can begin the preparation for the presentation evening.

Longbow postal


Due to operational difficulties the postal that was scheduled for last Sunday has been postponed until Friday the 30th. Grab you sticks, come along and enjoy all the fun of shooting unhindered by technology, sights long rods or any other aids to shooting.

A few things


This is just a reminder that if you’re down the field please be careful when walking across the bridge and on the wood outside the container, it is very very slippy! as most of you will know. We are looking into getting it fixed so it will be safer!

There are also still tickets for sale for the Christmas party! Come on guys, it’ll be fun!

For people who don’t know I (Kate Dunnighan) am now junior rep for the club, if you have anything I can help with, please come and see me! 🙂

Thank you 🙂


Hello everyone!

There is a working party happening this Sunday (the 7th) on the indoor wall.

We need to move and replace some blocks from the wall ready for our indoor open, the more people the better, it will get done quicker!

We will be very thankful to everyone who comes to help!

Sunday afternoon is still on for shooting, we should be done by then 🙂

See you there!

Calendar change

The longbow postal scheduled for this Friday is Postponed until the 12th December.

This Friday is the Compound Postal still and the Longbow and Recurve will be on the 12th.