Score sheets

Ok I am going through the score sheets for the last month to add to the records and there are a few points I need to raise.

Score sheets need to be filled in correctly, they are after all pretty self explanatory but if you are struggling.

  • Archers name – The name of the archer shooting!
  • Round – The round being shot!
  • Date – The date of the Shoot!
  • Target No. – The number of the target you are shooting at!
  • Bow style – The type of bow you are shooting!
  • Totals please add up all hits, gold and score!
  • And two signatures.

Sorry to be blunt but I’m spending time adding up and entering details that should be on the sheets to begin with.

From 1st December any score sheets without the correct information on them will be discarded and not recorded.

It matters not if you are the president of the club, the chairman of Archery GB of even the Queen of England.

Please read!

Club Membership Cards for the year 1st October 2014 to 30th September have been available for collection for some weeks now.

If you haven’t picked up yours yet, our secretary, Brian Trotter, has them and is at the BCA most (but not all) Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Sunday afternoons. He intends to deposit the remaining uncollected cards in the right hand side cupboard at the Centre.

It is not proposed to distribute them by post at 53p each. It would cost about £70 to post them all.

They have arrived!

The first order of club shirts have arrived! At last!

My dad, Dug, will have them Wednesday night and we will also have them Friday night, they are super comfy and quite awesome 🙂

For the next order of shirts we need 20 people again, so if you want one or want another one please let me or my dad know and we will get you on the list!

image image

The second order will hopfully take half the time it took to recieve these first ones, if that!

The design is now in the system of the shirt place so should be done quickly!